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State of the Artist impaired but improving
In November  I sustained a work related injury (yes, art work) that left me with some physical limitations.  I was doing longer work days than usual, trying to catch up with art after months of emergency after emergency, and I pushed myself much too far.  At the time, I could not feel half of my drawing hand, had numbness spreading across my upper back/scapula area, across my chest, into parts of my face, and I was having painful muscle spasms.
I ended up going to urgent care when the pain wouldn't die down, where I got a prescription for some muscle relaxers, lidocaine patches, and a referral to an orthopedist.  Orthopedist checked all my bones, nothing skeletal that could have caused this, which is good!  Though I do have a weirdly perfectly straight neck.  Cervical vertebrae are supposed to have a curve to their alignment, mine do not.  It's suspected that's a result of years of horrible posture and working at a computer.  To rule out any nerv
:iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 4 20
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mile in Fun with rope part 1 by Siroc
Émile continues his vacation rock climbing in the US Southwest. Here he is practicing some rope routines.

Émile is a professional acrobat and actor. He is currently working in a circus/theatrical group similar to the Cirque du Soleil.

He likes dancing and rock climbing in his spare time. The majority of his time is spent at work or hanging from a sheer rock face several thousand feet off the ground.

He is a positive and outgoing person, although his fang filled smile can be off putting.

He is intellectually bright and aware of current events and music. He prefers techno music, but he is also a fan of classical composers.

He is utterly fearless and will attempt crazy stunts and undergo any hardship if he thinks it will be “fun.”

He is omnisexual and not really into any sort of long term relationship given that he is constantly traveling.

He doesn't have much in the way of possessions, climbing gear, some workout clothes, his smartphone; i.e. nothing he can't throw into his back pack or just leave behind.

He is a member of a race of anthropomorphic reptiles called the Sitarae.

The Sitarae appear to be mostly derived from Monitor lizard or Komodo Dragon ancestors. Their race has no sexual dimorphism. The females and the males are virtually identical apart from individual quirks and mannerisms. Males have no exterior secondary sexual characteristics, the male organ remaining hidden entirely inside the body until aroused. The females lay eggs and do not have any mammalian sexual attributes, such as breasts. Occasionally, under the right circumstances or environmental conditions, Sitarae can change from one sex to another in much the same manner that some other “primitive” reptiles can.

The art is copyright by Siroc…

The character Émile and the race "Sitarae" are copyright Djt'Heutii (me).
AtropaGrimm has done another bad assed piece chronicling the saga of Slykak, outlaw prince.
Another challenging piece for the awesome DjtHeutii 

We unfold upon battle once again though this time more figures are on the scene and we are not in a hanger watching Sly [Blue Feathers) escape but rather a necromancer's throne and some crazy undead henchmen who don't stop even when hacked up!

Characters © 
Art © :iconatropagrimm:


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Mature Content

Prison break by AtropaGrimm
Sly Prisoner by AtropaGrimm Sly Criminal by AtropaGrimm The False by AtropaGrimm
Chaluny did a great job with this picture. This is my lizardman Bard character Alik.


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Hello, I was gonna ask if it would be ok for me to draw Émile again
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Sure, go ahead. Good to hear from you again :)
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would it be ok if I maybe do a little traditional art of him as well?
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Sure, :)
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Good to hear from you too buddy. 
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